European Super League, part 3

Continuing our series on the European Super League, adding to the complexity of the situation in which there was great uproar (from fans and officials) against the attempts of 12 of Europe’s best football clubs to create an alternative competition to the UEFA Champions League, UEFA is introducing changes to their flagship competition.

As reported by Fox Sports, the competing projects are “actually quite similar”. UEFA’s revamped competition “would see each club play a minimum of 10 games during the group stages – an increase on six in the current format – and 100 overall to give the bigger clubs plenty more games a season to sell to broadcasters for more money… and could signal the beginning of the end for secondary domestic midweek competitions, like the League Cup”. “The new Champions League regulations will see the tournament expanded to 36 teams, with two of the four new slots given to clubs on historical merit through UEFA’s club coefficient if they failed to qualify for the Champions League through the usual route.” Source.

Okay then.

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