Biden’s ‘kids in cages’

In light of the previous article, one of the criticisms relating to immigration levelled against former President Trump concerned holding ‘kids in cages’, an issue that popped up during a debate with President Biden last year, and which had Trump point out that the ‘cages’ were built by the Obama-Biden Administration, as recognised by NBC News: “Trump was factually correct in reminding Biden that cages were part of an embarrassing Obama administration get-tough policy in 2014 that also dehumanized migrants as part of a mass detention policy”.  Source.

This month, NBC News reports that “A record number of unaccompanied migrant children are in Border Patrol custody and shelter beds are scarce, raising fears of a new humanitarian crisis at the southern border… Nearly half of the children — 1,400 — have been held beyond the three-day legal limit. The CBP holding cells, sometimes known as “hieleras,” or iceboxes, are not designed for children. They are typically small concrete rooms with concrete or metal benches and no beds.” Source. Additionally, via NPR: “these are facilities that you wouldn’t want your child in for more than 10 minutes. They are big rooms. Kids are sleeping on thin mattresses on the floor. They are sort of bunched about six inches to a foot from each other”; “President Biden’s administration faces mounting criticism for refusing to allow outside observers into facilities that are detaining thousands of migrant children.” Source.

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