COVID deaths - Anglosphere

We showed earlier that almost all COVID-19 deaths in Australia were in the elderly. In fact, the median age of COVID-19 deaths in Australia is 86. Source. Life expectancy in Australia is 82.8. Source.

The UK tells a similar story. The median age of COVID-19 deaths in the UK is 83. Source. Life expectancy in the UK is around 81.5. Source.

Not to be outdone, the elderly in the US contribute heavily to the COVID-19 death toll. Around 79% of deaths come from the 65+ age group, with the 0-29 age group contributing less than 0.5%. Source. Life expectancy in the US is around 78.8. Source.

Nevertheless, lockdowns in these countries tend to be indiscriminate, applying to all, regardless of age, health, or even vaccination status (source, source, source).

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