COVID vaccine safety. Spike & heart problems

We previously reported on a mysterious rise in hospital admissions (source) and on data suggesting that COVID-19 vaccines greatly increase the risk of cardiovascular events (source). In the UK The Times reports that “Health experts have been left baffled by a big rise in a common and potentially fatal type of heart attack in the west of Scotland.” Source. The Daily Mail weighs in on the apparent increase in cardiovascular events in athletes: “The worrying spate of heart-related episodes in football has raised concerns over links with Covid and the vaccination programme to prevent it.” Source. It is well known that both COVID-19 and COVID-19 vaccines can cause cardiovascular problems. Source.

The Wall Street Journal notes that some health authorities are wondering if “the type of spike protein that a person makes in response to the mRNA vaccines” could be the cause of “heart-related risks”. They note that “The spike protein helps the virus gain entry into human cells to replicate. The mRNA vaccines are designed to cause the body to make a certain version of the spike protein, which then sets off an immune response… there may be similarities between the spike protein and proteins found in the heart muscle, prompting the body’s immune defenses to mobilize against the heart… Some of the mRNA in the vaccines may also be taken up by heart cells known as cardiomyocytes… These cells may then produce the spike protein of the coronavirus, which could draw an antibody response against them”. One doctor “said he has conducted lab tests and found that heart cells have taken up the Moderna vaccine and then expressed the spike protein.” Source. The Nature Medicine journal also reports that “vaccine mediated expression of SARS-CoV-2 surface spike protein on the surface of cardiomyocytes could potentially trigger an immunologic response resulting in organ-specific cell death”. Source.

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