COVID vaccine safety. Non-COVID deaths rise

We reported earlier on the notion that hospitals in Australian states relatively untouched by COVID-19, and with high COVID-19 vaccination rates, are “under enormous pressure”.

In the UK the Daily Mail reported that “Almost 10,000 extra people have died from non-Covid illnesses in England and Wales than would be expected since summer… causes such as dementia, heart and lung disease and cancer”. Source. The BBC reported that “The number of people who died in Scotland last week was 30% higher than the pre-pandemic average… These included deaths linked to cancer, heart disease and dementia… This comes even as the number of deaths where Covid was mentioned in the registration fell”. Source.

In the US Rice University reported that “Alzheimer’s, heart disease, cancer and diabetes, for example, have killed far more Americans than would be expected in a pre-pandemic year… You get rid of COVID deaths, and we are still well above the average.” Source.

Like Australians, most Brits and Americans are vaccinated against COVID-19. Source. However, while speculating on what might explain the mysterious rise in non-COVID deaths, these reports tended to avoid the possibility that the COVID vaccines are responsible, with the BBC’s report only stating: “One further death was also registered which was linked to adverse affects from a Covid-19 vaccine. That brings the total number of deaths where the vaccine was an underlying cause to five, against a population of 4.2 million in Scotland who have had at least one dose.”

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