COVID vaccines ineffective? Spread

We reported earlier on data that indicates that COVID vaccine effectiveness wanes to 0% and even enters negative territory, within months.

Recent research published in Lancet Infectious Diseases bolsters this notion with there seemingly being no significant statistical difference between vaccinated and unvaccinated groups with regards to COVID infection and transmission: “SAR was not significantly higher in unvaccinated (38%, 95% CI 24–53) than fully vaccinated (25%, 18–33) household contacts… this estimate is broadly consistent with vaccine effectiveness estimates for delta variant infection based on larger datasets… The SAR in household contacts exposed to fully vaccinated index cases was 25% (95% CI 15–35; 17 of 69), which is similar to the SAR in household contacts exposed to unvaccinated index cases (23% [15–31]; 23 of 100; table 2). The 53 PCR-positive contacts arose from household exposure to 39 PCR-positive index cases. Of these index cases who gave rise to secondary transmission, the proportion who were fully vaccinated (15 [38%] of 39) was similar to the proportion who were unvaccinated (16 [41%] of 39)…  This finding indicates that breakthrough infections in fully vaccinated people can efficiently transmit infection in the household setting… Our findings help to explain how and why the delta variant is being transmitted so effectively in populations with high vaccine coverage.” Source.

Okay then.

Note: A little extra for the inquisitive. What would be the point of the vaccines and vaccine mandates if they offer little to no protection against infection and transmission, only (potentially) providing some (temporary) protection against more severe symptoms? If the only benefit is therapeutic could the focus be switched to other therapeutic agents like repurposed drugs and supplements, especially those that have long term safety data, unlike the vaccines? If the vaccines have no effect on infection and transmission, but do (temporarily) reduce the chance of death from COVID, should the rhetoric about ‘unvaccinated superspreaders’ be changed to ‘vaccinated superspreaders’ since the former cannot transmit the virus if they are dead? And is this accentuated by there being more vaccinated adults, who also have more freedoms and thus more ability to infect others? Given this evidence, how can unvaccinated people continue to be blamed for the spread of COVID?

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