Lockdowns kill (Westerners) too

We reported earlier, and earlier again, that poverty kills, and that the lockdowns employed in developed countries as a response to COVID have plunged millions of people in developing countries into poverty. Shifting focus to the suffering of people in developed countries, New Zealand records only 26 deaths from COVID so far, with “all [being] among the most vulnerable 60+ age group”. Source.

Last month it was reported that in New Zealand an “estimated 18,000 children have been pushed into poverty since the first lockdown”, with Indigenous children particularly affected. It was also reported that “This increase in child poverty of around 10 per cent comes at a time when property owners have seen their wealth rise at an accelerated rate… The Government avoided one massive health and economic crisis but it enabled another one - that of poverty, homelessness and inequality - to grow rapidly.” Source.

Okay then.

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