MSM and Trump’s air strike

After 4 years of the Trump administration it is very obvious that President Trump received overwhelmingly negative coverage in the mainstream media, with NBC reporting as such even very early in his term, long before the two impeachment trials: “President Donald Trump frequently complains about media coverage of his administration, and a study released Monday confirms his suspicion… Coverage of Trump was primarily focused on “character and leadership” versus policy”. Source.

A notable exception was the reaction of the mainstream media to one of Trump’s relatively few military actions, the air strike against Syria in 2017. As reported by The Atlantic, “CNN’s Fareed Zakaria identified this as the moment when Trump became president”, “MSNBC’s Brian Williams hailed video of the strikes as “beautiful””, and the affair was “a bitterly disappointing turn of events for some of his most ardent supporters in the white nationalist alt-right movement and in adjacent political circles, who have supported Trump from the beginning of his campaign and who were enthralled by his promises to not get involved in Middle East conflicts.” Source.

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