Vaccines key to freedom?

Governments around the world link COVID vaccination targets to easing lockdowns, such as Australia, where ABC News Australia reports that “All but the most highly targeted lockdowns will end and the country will begin to reopen its international borders once 80 per cent of eligible Australians are fully vaccinated against COVID-19, Prime Minister Scott Morrison says.” Source.

Journalist Leigh Sales, who presents news on ABC Australia, explains on social media that:“Israel population 9M ([Australian state] NSW is 8M for comparison). Israel 78% of all people >12 fully vaxed. 7 day case av 6534 [exponentially higher than for whole of Australia]. 7 day death av 19 [much higher than for whole of Australia]. That’s what 80% vax looks like without a population locked down.  It doesn’t look like zero covid.” Source.

Okay then. 

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